Technical Analysis Classroom Program


Trading is a delicate activity where the experts need to rely on their skill, expertise and knowldege of the market. Technical Analysis is a method with which securities can be evaluated. This evaluation is done on the basis of an assumption that market daat which includes price charts, volume, open interest etc can help predict the near future market changes, also known as market trends. Technical Analysis helps traders generate tips and tricks based on their take of the market trends for intra-day trading. Our specialised Technical Analysis course focuses on training the students to interpret how securities, price of equities, commodities behaviour and much more. The study of this pattern gives them an added edge to make money while avoiding loses.

Training Duration: 40 Hours

Pre-requisite: None

Training Module: Download Training Module.

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  • Chapter 1 – Introduction & Basics of Stock Markets
  • Chapter 2 – Discipline
  • Chapter 3 – Charting Techniques
  • Chapter 4 – Support and Resistance
  • Chapter 5 – Trendlines and Channels
  • Chapter 6 – Chart Patterns and Trading
  • Chapter 7 – CandleSticks: Advanced
  • Chapter 8 – Volume and OI
  • Chapter 9 – Moving Averages
  • Chapter 10 – Technical Indicators
  • Chapter 11 – Arbitrage and Hedging
  • Chapter 12 – Gaps and Trading
  • Chapter 13 – Trading Systems

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