Exploit Writing Classroom Program


The Exploit Writing Classroom course aims at teaching comprehensive software exploitation. The students learn about various domains regarding code exploitation and how exploit writing can be utilized to test an applications’s security. The course module includes all essential topics such as Program execution, Memory Management, Branching and Conditionals, Debugging, GS Canary Protected Programs, Heap Overflow, Stack Architecture and Stack Operations to name a few. The classroom sessions are designed to provide students a hand on learning experience so that they can easily apply the knowledge they gain in the class. Each course module has a custom reference material carefully designed at better understanding for all topics. At the completion of the course and examination, the students are provided with a CISE Level – 2 Certification.

Training Duration: 60 Hours

Pre-requisite: CISE Level 1, Experience with programming in any language is recommended but not required. Familiarity with Linux & Windows is required.

Training Module: Download Training Module.

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  • Chapter 1 – Introduction to Exploit Writing
  • Chapter 2 – Programming & Basics
  • Chapter 3 – Assembly language
  • Chapter 4 – Debugging
  • Chapter 5 – Stack Based Buffer Overflow
  • Chapter 6 – Understanding Windows Shellcode
  • Chapter 7 – Fuzzers
  • Chapter 8 – Heap Based Overflow
  • Chapter 9 – Exploiting /GS Canary Protected Programs
  • Chapter 10 – Exploiting SafeSEH Protected Programs
  • Chapter 11 – Denial of Service

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