Certified Information Security Expert Level 1 Classroom Training Program

Learn to hack into systems and web-servers, to perform penetration testing on your setup. Within just 4 weeks with no prior knowledge to computers required you will become an information security champ.




Introductory Video +

    120+ hours of course
    200+ articles
    multiple practical excercises
    internship letter on completion
  customized batches
    research based exam

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After completing this course you will:

    learn to assess your systems for vulnerabilities from all the latest attacks

    be able to create malware, viruses and worms to understand how they work

    be able to work on 30+ modules including Kali Linux for penetration testing

    have in-depth understanding how networks and attacks work in real world applications

    be able to capture keystrokes on a compromised system to track the activity

    crack and enforce encryptions over a network or system

What students are saying about us:

What students are saying about us:

I am pursuing Advanced Diploma in Information Security from INNOBUZZ and I had a prodigious experience so far. Learned a lot about hacking and understanding the inner working of computer as well as web application, they provide hand-on experience with live demonstration and practical’s. This institute also provides challenges on their cloud, which help me to grow as a hacker, my trainer is very helpful and friendly. He helps me to solve every problem and clear my doubt to the best of his knowledge. It is best place to learn thanks to INNOBUZZ…!

Abhishek Bhaskar

Had an amazing experience. Learned a lot of new and exciting tips, tricks and hacks. Live demonstrations on testing vulnerable sites is a great hands-on experience gained from here. Very experienced faculty and supporting staff. This company changed my mindset about cyber security.They showed completely a different scenario in the field of cyber security. Also, they helped me to enter into the world of cyber security

Karan Shrivastav

The faculty keeps students extremely engaged with interactive sessions. The content of the course is of high rigor, but it is also made easy by the teachers. They use very creative teaching methods, and make difficult concepts easy to understand. What I really like about the teachers is that they are patient and answer every doubt clearly and concisely. The class time is used efficiently. As the courses are time-bound and intensive, the effective use of time is highly obliged. I feel like I am getting the best of my investment. The course material is very practical and can be used in the future to align to my professional goals. I am happy with the decision I made to affiliate with this institution.

Santosh Shivdas Nishad

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