About Us

Why Us?

We at innobuzz believe that knowledge can be instrumental for success when combined with talent. With years of experience in the industry as our guiding light, we aim to bring this knowledge and training to everyone across the globe. We are premier training providers with skilled and zealous trainers who drive this entire enterprise. We take pride in our carefully designed course structures and literature. The success of our students is a testament to our commitment and dedication in providing the best training solutions.

Global Leaders in Learning Solutions

Teaching with compassion and fervour

Dedicated to knowldege and excellence

Mission Statement

Becoming the top name for all learning and Training solutions while shaping the succesful professionals and industry leaders of tomorrow.

Global Presence

Building and enhancing careers around the world

We have centers in over 15 countries and 1 lakh students enrolled in the Classroom as well as Distance Learning Programs. Our prime focus remains the best education and learning environment. The wide variety of courses are ideal for students, working professionals and subject enthusiasts. Our online program has been a huge success in revolutionizing learning solutions. The students can learn from anytime, anywhere and even participate in constructive discsusions on our forums.

Business Partners

Combining experience with the passion of new business leaders

According to industry experts, various industries would experience a great job boom by the year 2022 creating numerous job opportunities. This increased demand for skilled professionals in various areas is a bright forecast. This indicates that skill-building is a lucrative avenue which can provide high returns now as well as in future.

We at Innobuzz provide our partners an opportunity to set up a business in the education industry. A sector with consistent growth, education offers a profitable and secure business opprotunity. Become a partner with is and launch your own successful education business.


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Our Partners

We are privately owned Indian company based out of New Delhi, India which has been providing high technology training and knowledge based solutions.