Digital marketing is made of two words, the first one is the digital and the second one is marketing. Digital marketing is a term that includes the marketing method under which you can promote your product and service by using digital technology.

In other words, we can say that when you use your medium and channel in digitally for marketing purpose then it is called digital marketing. Here digital one question is arising “What is a digital channel?”. Digital channel means website promotion and YouTube where you can see how many people see you or follow ours?

In short and simple ways, we can say that when you perform marketing activities digitally (sell or promote your product and service through social media, app, or email marketing) that called digital marketing.

You can take an example of digital marketing is Amazon, Flipkart, and Cricbuzz and some another website that offers its product or services by digitally to their costumer. Just like that, you can also perform your marketing for promoting your business or other services.


There is no kind of doubt that the market has become increasingly more digital and technology. The reasons are, it has the potential to transform the way that you reach and engage your customers in a short period of timing. So here some reasons that help you to take a decision why do we need digital marketing.

For small business digital marketing is just like nectar because under this you have an option to select the method of marketing according to your budget. It generates more leads and sells faster at a lower cost than the traditional market system.

How do you know your marketing strategies are working and you people are attracted to you or not? Digital marketing analytics helps you to check out and determining your strategies is working if not then you can adjust your campaign according to your need or demand.

The traditional market needs more money whether it is via television, radio, newspaper, and magazine for promoting your business services. But in digital marketing, the owner has a cheap method for this.

This is the most significant part of digital marketing that can be formatted in mobile devices to reach no matter where they can be. It is also important because everyone has a Smartphone and most of them even look for products.

The best way to contact your consumer is through the social media platform. There are a huge number of users on social media, so it’s the best way for the marketer to engage with their consumers. According to report 2.35 billion users use social media regularly which 3/4 of the earth’s population.

(SEO) Search Engine Optimization is also a useful tactic in digital marketing through which you can reach on your online buyer. Using relevant keywords who describe your product and services completely and offering can increase more traffic.

Digital marketing provides a high conservation rate because it can measure the conversion rate through real-time using a simple method. It can identify the viewer’s percentage who are converted into a lead.


We took a look at what the New Year store in the digital marketing industry has. The market landscape is always constantly changing and if you missed it then you cannot take your business new height. To maintain the height of your business, you should be aware of the new trend of digital marketing.

Therefore to keep up with your competition then you must keep up with the trends. Think about the impact of new technology in your business. The reasons to apply this because in today’s time the marketing technology is changing rapidly and consumer interest and behavior are not easy to predict. Here 12 new trends in digital marketing that we share for 2020.


In the year (2020) many companies want to focus on how they can use the private messaging apps in a better way. Millions of people exchanging messages all over the world every day but how many people know what happens with their message when they send it. Every company wants to make secure their message, documents, information, etc which they share for official purposes.

The major brand company is already undergoing experiments in monetizing messages and soon enough, through which consumers can easily pay for the product. Like Wechat, Venom, and PayPal application are already getting into the habit of using three kinds of apps to transfers money.


Artificial intelligence means that the conscience of a human being can think and put decision making power in a machine. It is the ability of a machine or computer program. It would be not wrong to call him the heart of global business because that machine that will be made into technology can act, think, and work as a human.

At that time Alexa and Siri are the voice assistants that provide customer care. They take orders from the user just like a human and work behind the scene on their behalf. 

The upcoming AI robots are just like the same but more modify and advance where they can learn, understand, behave like a human, explain and give advice to its user and trust me that is not far.


You will know about the chatbot, whenever you go on any website, a chatbot opens form the side and say “How can I help you?” It is very important because it creates lots of engagement on the website and if we say something then he replies by his artificial mind. Many companies use this chatbot.

The advantage of chatbot in digital marketing is it helps to save time because not like the human the chatbot quickly gives your answer which the needy quickly take the decision.

The chatbot never behaves like a human moody he gives our answer in a very simple, good manner and nice way.


The reason we seeing changes in digital marketing is because of adopting new technology. Digital marketing at a different level because the growth of digital marketing is happening day by day, people now think they can handle their business sitting at home by using updated technology.

According to the report, in the next few years, the global digital software industry will grow by $74.96 billion. Neil Patel who is the founder of Neil Patel Digital shares their latest 2019 trick and trips where he tells that the upcoming changes if search engine algorithm. He says that “you want to beat Google then change your mindset” which means you need to understand your user first.

The growth of the digital marketing industry will in the form of marketing referred to as agile marketing. It measures the brand efficiently and tells how much you achieve your desire market goal and objective. Agile market getting popularity on a social media platform like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, etc who provide enormous insight data and the type of content work on and best to create it.


If you want to stand 2020 and upcoming years then you have to personalization your market which means your product, content, email, etc. At that time only a few companies are using the form of personalization like Amazon, Cadbury’s, Starbuck and Netflix.

According to the GARTER, 90% of online advertising will start using personalization reason is they get relevant content because 34% of consumer would be motivated to promote their favorite brand online with that content which is related to their interest, they can get the valuable suggestions, they get information when they get need and its important because 79% of customer frustrated if the content is not matched with their interest.

It simply means if you have not Personalization in your digital marketing strategy then you miss lots of benefits, is just like key to successfully marketing campaigns because with their help you can reach the specific group of costumer and by using collecting data from survey’s, studies you were in better positioned to create more relevant and effective email campaigns.


As you know in a market customer is the king and keeping all old customers happy every business also wants to bring new customers. So in today’s get customers to choose your brand you need to make a positive impression and truth are in today’s time customer contact with their brand by their honesty and after seeing their friendly nature, not by a political, emotional.

Every company needs the trust of its customers by digitally the reason is, in 2020 we’ll see brand tapping more into the potential and interactive social media platform for more attention. 


In a process of technology growth, we see lots of instruments which are the example of the latest technology like Alexa, Siri, Crotona, and Google. Voice search is the biggest transformation in the current time of technology and slowly in time to come, the prediction is that the search is going towards the voice search.

These kinds of voice assistants can read text loudly, even voice text message for you and the question is expected and straight answer is provided as close as possible to the right answer. It is useful and essential for business because it helping in the growth of a mobile-friendly and adding value if local SEO.

Presently in India, 20% of search quarries are done by voice. The main reason is that voice search is faster than typing and less time-consuming process. Not only had the urban area the rural area where the people are not able to read and write in English they also used this technology. Voice search is growing exponentially year and year bases and it also becomes more popular in the modern generation especially in the young generation.


We all know for the success of your business acquiring new customers to retaining their exiting once also. But the question is why?

Because this is the quickest and most effective way to increase revenue is through customer holding, as we know “customers is the king” that why the company’s priority is retaining customers and building loyalty. Every company understands that it takes less money to keep their existing customers happy. Holding your old customers helps to increase revenue because when you keep your existing customers then they tend to tell their friends and relative also and give you referrals.

And if any companies increase 2% of customer retention for the business has the same financial effect as a 10% decrease in cost.


  • Search Marketing Metrics: Help the user to find you. If you have Google Analytics tracking then through you can track these quarries up to the 16 months in the past.
  • Sales Metrics: How are you sale performing like your top-performing product and service and is there a correlation to the user’s demand and seasonal trends?
  • Referral Channels and Acquisitions: Do you have any idea where they come from. Referral traffic is the method of Google’s who will show the number of visiting users on your website source outside of its search engine.
  • Customer Personas: After getting all these data now you can visualize the type of audience that is most likely to convert.


Last few years we see lots of changes in the search engine industry and some updates constantly. In today’s digital marketing world the SEO sounds more in almost every business that why every owner of business shows their interest in search engine optimization for their website to hold top positions of the search engine results.

For holding the top position rank in search engine results every webmaster has to make their website according to Google algorithms (like Rankbrain, Fred, etc..) or white hats SEO. Every algorithm has some benefits and as well as some problems. Ultimately the search engine goal is to get your user-specific results that answer the questions.

It is 100% sure that in the future Google algorithms are going to become more and more complex.


This is the growing trend of digital marketing and now it becomes of the way of the best brands markets. The subject transparency cannot be ignored in digital marketing because research says that most companies producing transparent and easy to retain information.

Transparency is an advertisement that is done digitally. You can understand by this example- “suppose your company banner and you had put your banner in somewhere but you need to know where your banner served and where your money spends in ads” the reason without getting this data you cannot control your budget. 

Now we are living in that world which is dominated by Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc who provide a lot of benefit like

  • You be like an open book in front of your customer- you can tell about yourself as much you can.
  • It becomes a more easy way to contact your customer so if anyone wants to raise some concerns or questions, so you can respond immediately. 
  • You can encourage people to give different kinds of suggestions who help to improve the quality of your product.

I am a Digital marketing intern working in Innobuzz. Content is king most used phrase in digital marketing. So, create content that sells. 

Abhishek Giri

Digital Marketing Intern, Innobuzz